Parma ham, smokey mushroom and mixed bean salad

Parma-ham-smokey-mushroom- mixed-bean-salad

Parma ham, smokey mushroom and mixed bean salad

Have you ever wanted to love salad but it always tastes so bland and leafy or maybe you love salad and you want to try something new?

You need to try this taste sensation!

2 Iceberg lettuce leaves (torn)
Handful of baby spinach leaves
2 Slices of parma ham
6 Red seedless grapes (halved)
6 Slices of sweet red pepper (halved)
1 Large flat cap mushroom
1 Teaspoon rapeseed oil
1/2 Teaspoon smoked paprika
1/3 Tin mixed beans..dutch brown beans, chick peas and haricot beans (Sweet Harvest/Aldi)
1 Tablespoon of light french dressing (Bramwells/Aldi)

To cook:
Chop the mushroom into large pieces like you would a pizza. Heat the rapeseed oil in a small pot and add the chopped mushroom and smoked paprika. Cook for 2 minutes until golden.

To prepare:
Toss the torn iceberg lettuce leaves, baby spinach, sweet red pepper in a bowl with the light french dressing. Add the mixed beans making sure you rinse and drain them first. Rip the parma ham into pieces and scatter on top. Add the grapes next sporadically and then add the cooked smokey mushroom.

The addition of a few crumbled pieces of feta cheese adds a new dimension to this dish!

Tip: It is easy to store in a container to bring to work or for a picnic at the park. Just make sure you keep the dressing separate. I often put some kitchen roll in the container to keep the leaves dry and crunchy but please don’t eat that 😉


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