Top 5 Gluten-Free Beers in Ireland

Every good Irish person knows that the weekend means that the sober will flee the city and the drunkards will flock to the streets…and some of us normal people might have a nice lunch and a couple of social drinks and then flee before it gets tooo messy. But what about the Gluten & Wheat Free? Some might say that a night on the tiles isn’t a night out without at least one drink. Of course there are always naturally Gluten Free and Wheat Free drinks to be found such as Tequilla or French Brandy…some Gluten Free people, who can tolerate Gluten Free wheat, even venture to Whiskey but what if you like beer? Well, today I’m going to guide you to a few Dublin retailers that stock Gluten Free beers so that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home or if you decide to go out, you will have an idea of what to ask for. Why not check out the Porter House where you can drink up a storm without any side effects well, not Food Allergy related side-effects anyway!
There are also new GF beer brands becoming available in Ireland on a regular basis which is great for all you beer drinkers out there!

Estrella Daura


Daura Beer

Estrella Daura, now known as Daura. Its apparently the world’s best GF beer, but for some of you beer drinkers out there it’s Gluten free and often the only option out there.

Celia Organic


Celia Organic

Celia is a Czech lager, it’s supposed to be really light and tasty so it should be a favourite for all you bonafide lager drinkers. Celia Lager is now available in Northern Ireland and in a number of pubs and off licences. They are working on getting stocked throughout Ireland, both North and South so hopefully you’ll see them available in your local pub and off licence soon

If you’re an Ale drinker there are some good ales on the market too



Greens Beer

It is claimed that non-glutards like this one as well.

Mongozo Pilsner



Some other options for coeliacs include Crabbies Ginger Beer as well as the known options like Cider.


Crabbies Original Ginger Beer

For full brand listings please use your Coeliac Society handbook.
Some known stockists of Gluten-free beer
• Dunnes Stores, Molloys – Nationwide usually Daura
• Supervalu, Molloys – Nationwide, usually Greens
• Spar – Nationwide, usually Crabbies Ginger Beer
• O’Briens Off Licences – Multiple locations
• Blackrock Cellar, Blackrock, Dublin – Mongozo Pilsner